welcome to my blog! They’ll hate you for what you lack and they’ll hate you for what you got ;)
Show her you love her when you have her, not when she already found someone better because you treated her wrong.
This is my blog & these are my random thoughts :*

And when i’m with you, you make everything worth it.

It’s sembreak still and it’s kinda boring. As in define boring. I’d rather go to school kay naa’y allowance, lessons CHAR. Hahahaha Balit, I’d rather have classes because i think it’s more fun especially when i have my friends with me. Daghan kay’g kaboang na mang gawas but anyway, magkita rami 2nd sem hopefully complete pami. Hi Friends, I miss you :>image

I’m back :>

finally, i got my account back, As usual i forgot the password so i didn’t bother remembering but i tried again today and *PUFF here it goes, welcome back. Anyway, what are you up to people? It’s my sembreak already and we have no plans on going home to Cebu so i have to spent my 1mon break here in Tacloban. Anyway, i’ve been really bored these days so i had to play with the webcam again Hahaha Anyway, it just feels good to keep on track again, We’ll be keeping you updated :> Bye.image